Through quality control and environmentally conscious effort.


品質レベルの高いホースクランプや受託製品を恒常的に提供する上で、必要十分な技術、設備、生産体制を確実に維持管理しております。社内においてはマルチフォーミング加工、プレス加工による量産ラインとワイヤー放電加工や旋盤加工を始めとする各種機械加工のほか、組立検品ラインを保持しています。熱処理加工、表面処理加工は信頼性の高い協力メーカーに依頼し確かな品質を維持しています。また、3D CADによる設計段階でのシミュレーションや3Dプリンタその他を用いた最新の生産技術の改善にも取り組んでおります。更に受託製造においては、生産規模に応じた半自動機の独自開発・導入を積極的に行っています。量産後活動として、生産工程に如何に創意工夫を凝らすことができるかがコスト面での鍵になると考えおり、そのことが確実なコスト低減と品質安定性につながっています。

We own multi-forming machines, press machines, wire cut discharge processing machine, and several kinds of machine tools. We keep and progress all the indispensable machines and staff for the production of well qualified hose clamp. Additionally we develop with 3d cad and its simulator. Especially for the contract manufacturing one of our strongest points is to brush up and refine the production process by semi-automatic machines which we develop and progress in each project. It is very helpful to reduce the cost and to keep the stability.

施盤 スライス盤 タッピングボール C型プレス エアコンプレッサ マルチフォーミングマシン 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D

Test report


We can provide various kinds of test reports according to each user requirements. We own several test equipment. Also in case we can request outside laboratories after discussion with clients.

Quality management



We have acquired and maintained the certification of ISO9001 since 2006. Now we almost could have adjusted ISO9001 to our own culture and style. But we take it as minimum requirements. Above all we have met much more strict requirements from Tie 1/ Tier 2 suppliers in Japan. Our main policy in quality control is very simple. “Just nip trouble in the bud.” For the realization of it we put a priority on individual awareness so called change of 4M. Day by day our staff has learned much from opportunities of awareness. If some problem happened, we at first would make every effort to gain three actuals so called Sangen Shugi. Because of this we would request enough information from the client to solve the problem.
For the clients from overseas we can provide QC documents or several test reports on request. Please feel free to make an inquiry for more detailed information.

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